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1. Unleashing the Ideavirus October 21, 2006

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Book.

I am finally ready to write my inaugural post for Sparkbugg.com!

Unleashing the IdeavirusI just finished reading the book, Unleashing the Ideavirus, by Seth Godin, which was a quick and inspiring read. I particularly like his quote: “An idea that just sits there is worthless.” That quote exemplifies my primary motivation for starting Sparkbugg. I was tired of having ideas that just sat there, in my head or sketchbook. Now they can just sit here, in this blog. But hopefully, at the very least, you can join me and others in talking about any and all ideas.

My grandiose hope is that Sparkbugg, and any IdeaSpark* that is presented here (by me or anyother reader), may potentially become an Ideavirus. To quote Godin: “An idea that moves and grows and infects everyone it touches…that’s an ideavirus.”

My favorite Highlights from the rest of the book include…

1.) Pg.91. The mention of Les Namades, a restaurant in Chicago, where the chef and owner didn’t take reservations from strangers. Only members (the original ones were his friends and his previous restaurant’s customers) could sponsor someone, and make them a new member. His restaurant was exclusive, the idea was novel and inspired curiousity, and his customers did the marketing for him.

Photo sticker booth2.) Pg. 113. A reference to a billion-dollar craze in Japan: teenage schoolgirls get their picture taken in a special photo sticker booth, which then produces 16 tiny, self-portrait stickers for trading and sharing. This is a great example of an Ideavirus (in Japan).

Stateside: “While it never became a full-fledged virus in the U.S….some machines were turning $70 and hour in sticker business, every hour on the hour for weeks at a time.”

3.) p. 126. Hakuhodo, a Japanese ad agency, created a money-making promotion of epidemic proportions. Anyone could send a free card and lottery ticket, via the web, to a friend. If the friend wins something, then so does the person that sent it to him/her. In 1998, 25% of the people with Net access in Japan either sent or received one of these cards.

Read more about or buy the book here: Unleashing the Ideavirus, by Seth Godin.

If you haven’t already, I recommend reading “About Sparkbugg.com” and the FAQ.

Also, if you are curious, read about what it going on behind the scenes of this blog, spark*bugg, at MetaBugg.com.


1. Anonymous - January 23, 2007

Just taking some time to look around your site. I checked out your first entry and have to concur….I just got sick and tired of wondering and waiting for the right time to pursue the most incredible ideas I have been carrying around for years!

Your site cements and re-encourages me that the time is now, because there is no perfect time.

Good work.


2. MyGeniosidea - January 23, 2007

Sorry, not anonymous


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