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2. IdeaSpark*: ePhotoBooth October 29, 2006

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in IdeaSpark*, Service.

IdeaSpark*: this was just inspired by the Japanese Photo Sticker Booths (mentioned in the book, Unleashing the Ideavirus, and in post #1).

Photo Sticker Booth This is a similar version (let’s call it the ePhotoBooth), but for emailed postcards. At various tourist destinations, you go in the booth to get your picture taken, with the specific tourist attraction in the background (the real site, like the Disney Castle; not a fake backdrop, like in this picture). You then immediately send the epostcard to all your friends, via email and/or to their camera phone, for an instant “Thinking of you…Wish you were here” message. Sticker and prints can be produced from the booth, as well, for extra.

You can also add the postcard to your own collection of pictures online, on your personal ePhotoBooth page, of all the places you have been to (that were smart enough to have an ePhotoBooth present). For some people, finding and using the various booths near them, and adding to their collection, becomes a fun challenge/hobby in and of iteself, taking them to destinations they would never have visited otherwise.

Considerations: (1) the ePhotoBooths will, obviously, have to access the Web for picture export. (2) Customers will have to be able access their personal address book online, and there needs to be smooth and simple execution to send out. One idea: only one epostcard gets sent, to your email address. Then you have 5 minutes to forward it to your friends and write a little note. (3) Camera phones with increasing megapixel capabilities could easily make the ePhotobooth obsolete, unless there are serious upgrades and increased experience-flavorization.

Possible improvement: So the key is to differentiate more from camera phones to make this a unique, and thus preferable, experience. Both the booth and cameras can do video.

So, how about when you first sit down in the booth, you are greated by and videotaped self-introduction of the previous user, and/or them in a 5-second dance routine (if they are brave). Then you get your picture taken and you send them as epostcards. And finally, you record a short clip and dance moves for the next person.

Later, you can watch all the video clips online, in ascending or decending chronological order from yours, of people from all over the country, if not the world, as they came through that particular ePhotobooth.


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