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6. Bright Idea: the Pizza Cone October 31, 2006

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Food and Drink.

Pizza coneSpeaking of cones, how is this for a Bright Idea: the Pizza Cone. This one is from the US company, Crispycones. It is based on the original pizza cone from the Italian company, Kono Pizza. Also, similar to India’s PizzaCorner.

I know I would have to buy one based on the novelty-factor alone. And as far as taste, it is hard to screw up pizza. Clearly, it is easy to hold. Downside: minimal broiled cheese. And is it like a a bowl of marinara soup?

I came across this at www.springwise.com.

Another idea I would like to see locally, and be able to eat, is a typical pizza from Rome. It is an elongated oval (see picture below), so you can determine how much you want by the thickness of the piece that is cut off an end. Then, after it is reheated, you fold your rectagular piece in half, so you have a panini-like, easy-to-hold-and-eat treat.

Roman Pizza


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