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7. IdeaSpark*: the Cold Dog October 31, 2006

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Food and Drink, IdeaSpark*.

It looks like a regular hot dog cart. But instead of getting a hot dog in a bun, you get a cold dog of vanilla ice cream in a brownie (or cookie) bun. Instead of ketchup in the red bottle, you get chocolate sauce; instead of mustard, you get caramel. In the condiment tray, you don’t get onions and relish, you get nuts and sprinkles. And top the cold dog off with whipped cream, if you like.

Considerations: the cold dog will melt as you eat it. Possible solutions: (1) a smaller cold dog, so you eat it quicker and you don’t stuff your face; (2) one end of the brownie bun will be closed and rounded off, to catch the melted ice cream. So you have clean hands, and the last two bites will be a yummy, tiny brownie bowl of melted ice cream.

I thought of the Cold Dog about 7 years ago. Then, about 2 years ago, I saw “Cool Dogs” on a Food TV special on a Fun Food Convention. Mwah, mwah… Oh, well, I snoozed. Anyway, I like my grapes not sour, and my ice cream with brownies or cookies, not yellow cake. And what, was “Cold Dogs” trademarked, so their dogs had to be “Cool,” instead? Hmm…maybe there is still a chance for The Cold Dog!

Cool Dog


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