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12. IdeaSpark*: the Clean Public Toilet Seat November 2, 2006

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in IdeaSpark*, Product.


Bah, Humbugg. One big pet peeve of mine is a public toilet seat with urine on it. This is usually due to a man who is too insecure to use the urinals, and too lazy to lift the toilet seat (my wife tells me there are droplets on the seats in some women’s bathrooms…go figure).

Simple solution: a seat that stays in the upright position due to a spring-loaded mechanism. So feel free to pee away. And if you want to move your bowels, use the attached handle to bring the seat down (use a piece of toilet paper if you are afraid of touching the dry handle…at least you don’t have to clean up piss). This could cost about $20, would be easy to install, and is sure to make any restaurant instantly classier.

The Deluxe Version has a fan and filter at the base that automatically turns on when the seat is down. This built in addition filters most of the odor, and the humming of the fan drowns out most of the embarassing sounds.


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