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14. Bright Idea: High-speed Hand Dryer November 3, 2006

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Product.

There is also the high-speed Hand dryer. It has to be better then the annoying slower rest-stop ones that essentially only serve to warm the water on your hands before you wipe them on your pants.

Mitsubishi makes one; read more about it here. It allegedly dries and blasts the water off of your hands in mere seconds. It is such a good idea that Dyson, the maker of the fancy yellow vacuum that doesn’t lose suction, is coming out with his own. His is called the Airblade, and blasts air up to 400 mph. Apparently, these types of dryers are big in Asia. I think it will soon be big here, mostly because of Dyson’s sexy English accent and the cool name he came up with for his version.

However, if a public bathroom has this installed, they will need a door that doesn’t require the use of a handle to leave. As mentioned in post 13, paper towels can act as a hand-condom when opening the door upon leaving. Because, you may never know, the last person to touch the handle was someone who touched something that was yucky and didn’t wash their hands (I will leave the image of a specific yucky something to your imagination).



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