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18. IdeaSpark*: 1-800-WakeUpCall November 5, 2006

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Experience, Service.

Background: I am in a hotel this weekend (at a conference on working with erotic feelings in group therapy…seriously), and I couldn’t be late for the experiential small group this morning. I called the hotel wake-up call, and for a back-up, I set the alarm on my cell phone (since i didn’t bring an alarm clock). The wake-up call went through, but for the second time in a row, my cell phone alarm didn’t work for an unknown reason.

IdeaSpark*: A service where any phone can become one that gets a wake-up call. It could be a one shot deal, where you want to take a nap before your plane leaves, so you call the number and request a wake-up call. Or it can be a premier service, where you can go online and schedule your daily wake-up calls. This is helpful for variable schedules, and is similar to the idea behind the 7-day Neverlate Alarm Clock. It could be really cheap, or free if advertising was involved.


1. sisterbugg - November 9, 2006

Yesterday evening my co-worker asked me to call him this morning to make sure he was awake for his phone duty at our office. Thankfully I remembered to call him but this idea would have been perfect for him to use!

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