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21. IdeaSpark*: Door Muffler November 6, 2006

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in IdeaSpark*, Product.


The slamming of hotel doors can be quite annoying, so I thought of an IdeaSpark*: The Door Muffler, to minimize the sound of closing doors. Read on for more…

All it would be is a little piece of metal, probably V-shaped with moderate spring-tension. It would be easily installed on top of a door hinge (no tools required) so the V is between the door frame and the door. It would look very similar to the metal part of a clothespin (see image below).

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The door would swing freely, but as soon as it gets close to closing, it hits the V, requiring a gentle push to quietly close the door. Also great for dorms, office hallways, etc.

Hummbugg: Now that Hotels are using card readers and not regular manual mechanical locks on their doors, it is not possible to unlock a door from the inside to allow free access. This is annoying if you have guests coming in and out (you have to let them in each time, instead of just unlocking the door), and also annoying to find your card when you just want to go down the hall to the vending machines or ice maker.

So what do people do instead? They block the door from closing by manipulating the slide lock (below), which results in louder banging noises as the door tries to close (but it still can’t close all the way, which is not good for soundproofing and privacy). This must be so common a technique that the hotel I was at this weekend had tiny metal door guards installed to keep this door-propping-open techinique from doing damage to the door. This all may be a good work-around solution, but its to a problem that should not be there in the first place.


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