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20. IdeaSpark*: Social Networking in Hotels November 6, 2006

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in IdeaSpark*, Service, Website.

After logging onto a hotel wireless network this weekend, I had an IdeaSpark*: A social networking site for hotel guests.

For example, If you (as a hotel guest) were bored and lonely one evening, you could log onto a specific website, and indicate what specific hotel you are currently in. You could then see who else is in your hotel (i.e. other registrants that logged in). Registrants’ online profiles will indicate reasons for travel, demographics, and desired type of contact. For example, you may just want to chat online with someone, or share a beer with a fellow businessman at the hotel bar, or have a one night stand, or have a group dinner with other solo travelers.

Click on for more idea details…


Like some social networking sites, there will be mailboxes, as well chat room and IM capabilities. There will also be the appropriate filters (so individuals have the choice of blocking propositions by many horny and lonely suitors).

Advertising on the site will mostly be locally based (nearby restaurants and attractions). Consideration: this website will be used for a lot of sexual encounters (which is not necessarily a bad thing), but it may contribute to extramarital affairs. One posible solution: a traveler’s spouse at home can also log on to see the type of activity on the account, or log on as an “lurker/non-guest” to make sure the traveler didn’t set up 2 accounts.



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