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27. Bright Idea: the Gravity Train November 8, 2006

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Product, Service, Video.

This cool little 2 min video was made by my brother, explaining the concept of the Gravity Train, a vehicle that would travel through the earth using gravity to pull it.

The video itself is a creative mix of a podcast, MS Paint, and hip-hop beats, all combined and edited using Avid, in one evening.

Read on for a related IdeaSpark*…

I had a similar idea that would not require a tunnel. Imagine two bus stops, A and B. Both stops would be at the top of separate manmade hills. A bus would leave stop A, using the descending slope of the hill to add to its acceleration. As it approaches Stop B, it begins to slow down as it climbs that hill. Because of this, energy is not lost or wasted on breaking. The process reverses as the Bus leaves stop B to heads back to A. Consideration: energy is required to get passengers to the top of the hill before they get on the bus (For most, the exercise in climbing stairs could be good for them).



1. Joel Wise - June 6, 2008

Great job. I’ve been interested in the idea of gravity trains for a long time. It could happen if there was a massive tunneling machine that could dig the tunnel. Certainly not through the earth’s center, but from Detroit to Chicago as an example.

Keep up your great work.


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