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33. IdeaSpark*: Urban Scuba November 11, 2006

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Experience, IdeaSpark*.

As my friend Dave was telling me that he was thinking about buying a home on the coast, but was worried about the rising sea level, I thought of this next, somewhat unrealistic, IdeaSpark*. When the polar ice caps melt and the sea level rises about 30 feet in 15 years, entire towns and parts of cities will be underwater. Urban Scuba will be a paid experience where you will be guided, once scuba trained, through the underwater ruins of buildings.

More premium experiences will have variations on the theme: self-guided and solo; treasure hunting; hide-and-seek and capture the flag competitions; scary haunted buildings. Some sealed rooms will open up, cavern-like, so you can make pit stops and remove your scuba gear temporarily, to buy a drink and meet your fellow spelunkers. Consideration: all this will depend on how murky the water is.



1. Rogger Potter - May 10, 2007

For other great diving locations, try this blog http://www.recreationresourcesweb.com/4/top-us-diving-locations/

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