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44. IdeaSpark*: PasswordSharer.com November 15, 2006

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in IdeaSpark*, Service, Website.

There are many websites where you have to pay a monthly fee to access it, only some of which are (ahem) porn sites. There are service sites, news sites, game sites, etc.

Hosted by eSnips

This IdeaSpark* and business idea is a website where you timeshare the login and passwords to various sites that you are interested in. This service is for more casual users and test drivers (ie. not daily surfers) of these sites.

Read on for details and considerations...

Details: Time-sharing could be on a rotating basis. For example, Site X would have 10 members paying $3/mo to share a $20/mo password (the extra fee going to PasswordSharer.com). As a member, you would get dibs, say, on every 8th day. However, an intergrated anonymous IM popup window would allow for other members with that password to login on a first come (ahem), first serve basis, only if they see that you aren’t logged in at that time, on your day. But since you have dibs on that day, you have the power to log any member off (or give him/her a few more minutes) as you wish.

Considerations: The sites would not really know about this service, unless it got really popular. Even so, I cannot see a way that they could prevent the service. Also, there is a strong possibility that the service could actually generate business for the site, as casual part-time users appreciate the value of the site, and upgrade to full-time user status.



1. Don The Idea Guy - November 18, 2006

Have you tried http://www.bugmenot.com?

2. SparkBugg - November 18, 2006

Don, thanks for that link. I did come across it before, but forgot to reference it. Readers, BugMeNot is a great site to access free logins and passwords to over 130,000 sites that require them. Unlike PassWordSharer.com, it is for sites that are free. Read the BugMeNot FAQ for reasons why to not register yourself.


BTW, all, be sure to check out Don’s website (it’s a lot like SparkBugg.com) by clicking on his name above.

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