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48. IdeaSpark*: Wall-mounted Vertical Component Cabinet November 18, 2006

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in IdeaSpark*, Product.

Wall-mounting your plasma can be sexy. But then you still have the component cabinet jutting out from the wall, leaving the large obvious and unused flat-top surface that would have supported the plasma for $200 less (ie. no wall-mounting).Until they start manufacturing vertical wall-mounted dvd players, DVRs, and sound systems, this IdeaSpark* would make your entertainment wall look more uniform. It is a wall-mounted cabinet designed to hold your components vertically.

Read on for a more complete description and considerations…

Basically, the cabinets would look like the shelves in this picture, but slightly larger. Perhaps they could fold out at an angle to allow for the initial inserting of components, as well as to load discs and read and access the component face.

Considerations: (1) Obviously, the components would have to be able to function while vertical (I am not sure if this is possible for any or all DVD players; DVRs and sound systems should be okay). (2) A thin, 45 degree-angled mirror strip would have to be placed right above the components to allow remote control signal access. (3) An internal adjustable rack system and power strip would add support and account for the wire and jack space.

(These pictured smart refrigerator holders can be found at Solutions)



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