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54. Bright Ideas: Staples’ Exclusive Products November 21, 2006

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Product.

1. The Wordlock: The winner of the 2004 Staples Innovation Quest was the Wordlock. Simple, genius, and a classic “Why didn’t I think of that?” Pick (and change at any time) your 5-letter combination. It should be a matter of time before the number wheel locks are obsolete. $6…purchase it here.

I am surprised that Masterlock came up with their similar version. Maybe there is no patent infringement because theirs is 4-letter?


2. The One-touch Stapler with Staple Gun Power: I didn’t know how valuable this was until I bought it and used it a few times. It requires 30% of typical power to squeeze, since it staples like a staple gun (mechanical kenetic energy is stored, then released in a burst). I didn’t know the old staplers were a problem, but now they feel like they give me instant carpal-tunnel syndrome when I use them.

$15…more product details here.

Check out this great Business 2.0 article about the birth of this product.


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