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53. IdeaSpark*: Better Dental Floss November 21, 2006

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in IdeaSpark*, Product.

If you don’t think flossing does much for you, try flossing as an experiment, then smell the floss and your finger when done. Gak.

But there is a problem with flossing: the floss needs to be smooth to intitially slide between teeth, but then the smoothness makes it less effective in cleaning around the gums.

Here is a possible solution: floss that has alternating sections that are smooth and rough. For example, a half-inch section could be smooth and waxed to ease insertion, next to an inch-long rough piece (e.g. frayed) that would clean around the gums. Use the next smooth/rough pairing for the next tooth gap.

Read on for slightly more details…

The rough section would be similar-looking to those old pipe cleaners (see image).

This floss should be very simple to manufacter: it is one continuous piece of typical floss, but with each section being treated differently. The smooth section would be pressed and waxed, and the rough section would be cut and frayed.

Now someone needs to come up with a cheap and simple IdeaSpark* to keep the finger from getting purple and stinking.


1. mark - November 21, 2006

Brilliant. Simply brilliant. You must find a way to protect the fingers…and not with those damn contraptions that use about 2 pounds of plastic for every floss session. Maybe figure a way for those little plastic pieces to renew the floss so you can reuse the mini-handles. Though I guess that’s still pretty disgusting.

2. Johari - December 17, 2006

When I had braces, I actually used this product by Oral-B called SuperFloss. It had three sections: a flexible plastic end which could be used to thread in between the wire and teeth; a thin section of dental floss for tight areas; and a thicker, spongy section for wider spaces.


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