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57. IdeaSpark*: GadgetBox (Holder and Charger) November 23, 2006

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in IdeaSpark*, Product.

Many folks have various gadgets: Cellphones, Blackberries, PDAs, MP3 players, digital cameras, etc. If you are like me, you charge your cellphone bedside, overnight as you sleep. This IdeaSpark* is to make the charging and the clutter of cords involved more simple.

Imagine something like what is pictured here. Inside is a power strip, where all the gadget adapters are plugged in. Now, each gadget can be attached to its charger, and left either on top of the box, or inside, on a shelf under the lid. This idea is pretty basic, and similar to what is already out there.

However, this SparkBugg version is mobile, to address the possibility of charging gadgets in various locations around the house. Thus, the box has a handy handle (like a toolbox), and a retractable main power cord. So…say you forgot to charge your cellphone and Ipod overnight, need to charge them this evening, but want to have the phone by your side as you watch TV in the living room? Go to the bedroom, unplug the GadgetBox’s main cord, and press the cord retractor button. Then go to the living room, pull out the cord and plug it in.

Read on for background and similar items on the market…

Background of this IdeaSpark*: Today, I came across this item (the Contactbox) on Productdose.com. Problems: First, it doesn’t look so nice. Why minimize the sight of cords, only to replace them with rubber bands? Second, either the bands are loose, and your gadgets may fall, or they are tight, making it annoying to answer and remove your cellphone when you get a call. Third, since it is attached to the wall, there is no mobility.

So, this is almost a Bright Idea. I tried to think of something better, hence my GadgetBox IdeaSpark*.

Next is the similar, and as slightly better, Charge Hub. But, it is not as easily transportable, you can still see the shadows of the cords, and there is no snappy retractable cord. Plus, the GadgetBox will be more classic and simple looking (wood veneer, perhaps).




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