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68. Bright Idea/Spark*: Climatized Rest Stops December 1, 2006

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in IdeaSpark*, Product, Service.

Rest Stop

Driving back from KY (the in-laws) this Thanksgiving break, I wondered about upgrading rest stops. See, they now acclimatize cabins for sleeping truckers with IdleAire (above), as comfortably cozy air is vented in. Why not have this at Rest Stops for Cars? It would be like a super-cheap drive-thru motel.

Here is a more detailed description of my IdeaSpark*ed Rest Stop for cars:

  1. There will be car ports, with roofs, and side walls for privacy. Deluxe ports will have a Plasma TV in front of the windshield (with audio via FM).
  2. Central Hub Building contains nice bathrooms with showers, 24-hr surveillance, a lounge with WiFi, a guest computer with a sign-in blog, etc.
  3. Comprehensive vending machines provide conveniences like toiletries, medicine, sleep masks, substantive food, etc.
  4. Staff member is on site from 8pm-midnight. Responsibilities include assisting arriving guests, cleaning bathrooms, selling pillows and blankets, and serving complimentary booze (as art gallery openings do sans liquor license) to weary travelers in the lounge.

From an article about IdleAire, here are highlights about this Bright Idea, already in production:

  • Trucks pull into bays that feature long, flexible tubes hanging from the roof. Each tube ends in a control panel and vents for heated or cooled air. Drivers pull the apparatus into their window and fasten it there.
  • They give drivers air-conditioning, phone service, wireless internet (to only check email, of course), and cable television in their cabs.
  • Basic services cost $1.25 per hour.
  • Check out all the bells and whistles below (not all needed for cars). Click HERE to zoom in, and OVERHERE for their website:


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