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75. IdeaSpark*: Peanut Butter-filled Apple December 6, 2006

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Food and Drink, IdeaSpark*.

Here is a quick IdeaSpark*, which occurred to me today as a friend was eating an apple. Drill holes around the flesh of an apple, then fill the holes with peanut butter, with the intent that each bite will contain some peanut butter. Seal the hole openings somehow (perhaps with hardening caramel plugs), and voila! The perfect snack. Fruit and protein. Automate this system and sell the apples online, or from a cart or supermarket.

Unless you have tasted the combo of apple and peanut butter, and love it like most people do, this IdeaSpark* may seem a little lame.


1. SparkBugg - December 6, 2006

I do like the peanut butter to apple ratio to be pretty even, so the apple needs to be a large one to allow for lots of PB. The removed apple could be used for another dish, so it is not wasted. Twitch from the HalfBakery even recommended removing the core and filling that with PB.

2. cleop23 - December 6, 2006

I love this idea so much. Nothing is better than a pb and apple combo. other combos that are good are apples with honey, caramel, and chocolate (not all together of course!) so perhaps these could be attempted as well. i’d buy it! what a great snack to sell at sporting events, zoos, carnivals. and great for kids (and adults too).

3. Rachel - December 6, 2006

I’m glad my snack helped inspire 🙂

4. Carol - December 6, 2006

This is a fabulous idea. I have always loved pb and apple. Also like it with celery. But the apple idea is really healthy and is appealing as well (no pun intended:)

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