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79. IdeaSpark*: 1-800-LivePoll December 8, 2006

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in IdeaSpark*, Service.


Online polling is a great tool (check out Zoomerang and Survey Monkey for examples). How about the same polling idea, but via cell phones? Instantly set up a poll by calling 1-800-LivePoll. Click on for details…

Let’s say you have a question you want answered immediately, and anonymity is key. For example, your question for your 12 friends is “Who should we vote off this island?” You call 1-800-LivePoll to set up the poll. Then you have your friends call a designated number, they hear your voice recorded question and possible answers, then they choose an option and press the corresponding number. Once everyone has voted, your cell phone rings, you answer, and the instant results are given. A text messaging option is also possible, as well.

It could be a free service, but financed by 7-second audio commercials. Poll an audience, a class, a large group of people; ask personal questions, or gather discriminating data. Feedback can be priceless.


1. Carol - December 8, 2006

cool ideal. Why don’t you do it?

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