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92. Bright Idea: Tivo Reaction Time Compensation December 15, 2006

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Product.

On your DVR, you fast-forward through commercials, but need to resume to regular speed once your show comes back on. Tivo has a built-in reaction time compensation feature, so it resumes normal playback speed at your intended point (usually a few seconds before the point you pressed the play button on). That is, it compensates for the natural delay in your reaction time, and returns you to the point where you actually wanted to resume watching.

Tivo must have done studies to determine people’s average reaction speed. Determine your reaction speed HERE (I am averaging 0.22 seconds).

This Tivo function is incredibly convenient, almost magical. Alas, it is not on my Comcast DVR, sadly, because Tivo has the patent on it (who knew? read about this here). This sucks, until I can afford the new HD Tivo.


1. mark - December 15, 2006

we have time warner cable out in santa monica that uses a “moxi” dvr, and it has this time-delay action on it. can tivo really patent that? I think they can patent it at three seconds or something like that, while moxi can avoid infringement by going to four or two, because moxi’s just doesn’t seem to feel right. you’ll see when you come out that when you try to stop it at a certain point, it ends up curiously somewhere else; neither where you intended to stop it nor at the point at which you really stopped it.

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