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95. IdeaSpark*: Office Food Carts December 16, 2006

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Food and Drink, IdeaSpark*, Service.

Remember the jingle of the ice cream truck as is rolled through the neighborhood? Is it possible to recapture that feeling for adults? Maybe not, but perhaps we can try to get close.

These specialty carts visit office floors throughout the day to sell their nourishing treats. Of course, the morning cart serves coffee, bagels, and breakfast treats. Instead of the jingle, your office or cell phone rings when the cart arrives on your floor (thanks to a computer program and website you registered with), so you know to meet it, either next to the elevator or in a conference room. When you get there, you routinely shoot the breeze with fellow coworkers as you get your regular order. It is the new water cooler.

Granted, lots of workers will want to leave the office to venture to the local Starbucks. This office cart is the for the hard worker who doesn’t have the time to, or wants to stay in during nasty weather.

These vertical carts are designed to fit in elevators, and get refreshed at designated trucks parked outside. Burritos and paninis are served for lunch, smoothees in the afternoon, beer and take-home dinners at the end of the work day.

If you can’t bring Mohammed to the mountain, bring the mountain to Mohammed (no Danish riots, please).


1. dario roldan - October 23, 2009

hey, i would like to know which company makes and sells this carts.

2. Mike Lodico - January 2, 2010

Same here who is the manufacture?

3. humberto finol - January 21, 2010

i want to buy this same cart!, do you know the seller?

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