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98. HumBugg: Clanging Clothes in the Dryer December 18, 2006

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in HumBugg.

I am doing my laundry tonight, and a large zipper, clanging away as it tumbles in the dryer, is irking the crap out of me.

I doubt this idea would make millions, but I wish someone would manufacture silicone clips that would muffle big zippers and buttons in the dryer.

For those who have large houses and specialized laundry rooms, closing the door and some distance will do the trick. However, some of us live in small condos/apartments/flats.

And while I am on the topic, how about designing more dryers that play a nice little tune or call my cell phone when its done drying? My dryer startles me everytime with a loud and obnoxious buzz.


1. Sara Cantor - December 20, 2006

Oh man. That loud and obnoxious buzz is the bane of my existence. The worst part about ours is that it buzzes about 4 times during its drying cycle. We have no idea what these sounds mean; we joke that they mean “Don’t forget about me! I’m still here, still drying!” In other words, meaningless.

If only dryers could communicate in a meaningful way. A song, a message on your phone, a screen giving silent status updates. But at the very least, just buzz when you’re done, not at random intervals.

2. SparkBugg - December 21, 2006

Sara: sounds like you have the crueler version (4 times!). Thanks for the post.

(Everyone: check out Sara’s great blog: http://curiousshopper.blogspot.com/).

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