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…metapost… December 18, 2006

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Uncategorized.

I posted # 96 (about a Bright Idea in a Singapore mall) the same day that Singapore became the first international city to reach 10 visitors to SparkBugg (see the clustrmap). Singapore: represent! (For a slang definition of “represent,” click here). (However, upon closer inspection, I am wondering if that large red dot is actually Kuala Lumpur)

Read on for more meta-musings…

I figured I would inject more personality into SparkBugg, and start writing some metaposts. Though my blog, MetaBugg, will have more of this, the occasional metapost on SparkBugg will hopefully add some flavor.

So this metapost is about Singapore. The last time I was in that city, I was pitching for the International School of Bangkok‘s baseball team as a high school junior, during a small South East Asian baseball tournament. In fact, we were in the finals, against team Singapore. My team was winning by one run in the bottom of the last inning. My coach asked me if I could finish off the last batter, and that the bus was waiting to take us to the airport. I told him to keep me in, that I could handle it. I subsequently gave up a two-run walk-off homerun to the other team, and we lost the championships. That was my final hour in Singapore, my last memory.

I did leave with a Hard Rock Cafe Singapore T-Shirt that I still wear today. I am looking forward to visiting that city once again, one day.


1. mark - December 20, 2006

one of my favorite stories involves you in Singapore, and how since we couldn’t get chicken mcnuggets at the Bangkok McDonalds, i begged you to bring me back nuggets from Singapore (which also had the only K-Mart i’ve ever seen overseas).

anyway, i remember you returning home from your trip with a half-eaten box of two-day old nuggets. i was the happiest kid in southeast asia.

2. SparkBugg - January 9, 2007

I can’t believe we didn’t eat them all on the plane. Over a dozen hungry young men, still stinking and in uniform (soon after the game), with the smell of delicious fried reconsituted chicken patties wafting througout the plane cabin. The other guys must have gorged themselves on their own 20-pack.

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