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100. Bright Idea: Wieden + Kennedy Nike Commercials December 21, 2006

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Marketing, Video.

I was watching live TV tonight (Real World/Road Rules: The Duel, incidentally), and was forced to watch commercials. It made me reminiscent, nostalgic even, for some of my all-time favorite commercials. This post is about how four of them are by Nike (and I believe all four are by Wieden + Kennedy)

Here is my favorite. I remember the first time I saw it, I shed a tear in the end when it came full-circle (you will see what I mean; just make a note of the opening shot).

Click on to see three more… 

Here is another. Clocking in at 1.0 minute long, it is titled “Before“:

A Bright Idea, no-doubt influenced by Stomp, lead to this 2.5 minute groove: (it is not on youtube, so you will have to follow this LINK to check it out).

Another syncopated treat: “Nike Shox: Instruments” (for me, this takes a really long load-time).


1. mark - December 21, 2006

congratulations on your 100th and 101st postings!

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