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111. Bright Idea: Heelys December 30, 2006

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Plaything, Product.

I routinely see pre-teens gliding along in Target and malls. Watch this 13-second clip below to see what I mean:

Click on to learn more…

Heelys, where the wheel is built into the heel of the shoe. It looks like fun, and I have wondered about buying some for myself, but I only see kids ages 7-12 using them. They may not come in my size (and even if they did, I would worry about looking like a dork). Read about them here; buy them HERE.

I once saw the story of this idea being born on the terrific (but canceled) tv show, Invent This!.


Then I saw these today (at the KY Flea Market Expo): StreetGliders. Simply strap these wheels on to your current shoes.

I was tempted to buy a pair, but my wife talked me out of it. Curses! I continue to plod along like a boring biped.


1. Dave - March 6, 2007

I was interested in a rolling pair of work style shoes. I found the Heelys, but learned that they can cause back problems for kids. Something todo with the curvature of the spine.

I am still interested in rolling shoes, just something with a front and back wheel.

2. SparkBugg - March 6, 2007

Hmm…interesting consideration you present. Parents should be warned.

Anyway, I haven’t seen what you describe, and if doesn’t exist, you may be on to something.


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