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125. HumBugg: Reunion.com January 9, 2007

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in HumBugg, Service, Website.

I recently got a mass email from an estranged old friend, via Reunion.com (apparently, a social networking site), asking me to update my contact info for her. Feeling generous, I quickly did so. I then I wanted to see my friend’s profile to see what she has been up to lately.

But, to do so, I was required to register first, so I did. After filling out my info, I was then asked to pay a registration fee (an entire 1 or 3 year plan; non-refundable; averaging about $4/month). This annoying and audacious technique is known as “foot-in-the-door.” Or, I could get a 3 day trial if I invited 20 of my eligible contacts. This reminded me of pimping. I declined, and was denied access to my friend’s full profile.

Then I get an email from Reunion.com yesterday, letting me know that three people searched for my name on the site that day. I followed a link to see who they were. But, you guessed it, I had to pay first (this is similar to the “bait-and-switch“).

Unless you are satellite radio, don’t charge me for something I am used to getting for free (like refills). What a waste of a solid domain name. Allegedly, 25 million users have signed up so far. I am astonished.


1. cleop23 - January 9, 2007

That is truly unbelievable and seems to be fraudulent if you ask me.

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