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132. Bright Idea: Salons for Men January 17, 2007

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Experience, Service.


Here’s a Bright Idea: cater grooming services to non-metrosexual male clientele. Men like to be pampered, too, but not many will pay out for a pedicure.

Goodbye, Hair Cuttery! Sport Clips is a new franchise geared towards your typical American male: hot women dressed like NBA dancers in warm-up gear grooming and massaging you as you watch football. All that is needed is beer.

Check it out HERE. Read on for more info and thoughts…


I started getting my haircuts at the Ballston Barbershop because of their free hot towel head massage, included with the $13 price tag for a men’s cut. I love it. Pure relaxation. And when I am there, I spend most of the time thinking that this type of business should be more popular.

I have only seen men getting groomed there, all by Vietnamese women, while other men read Maxim magazine and watch the plasma in the waiting area. And there is always a wait.

HumBugg: The only problem is the wait, and because of the wait, it is hard to keep getting the same barber (there are no appointments). So each time, I get a friggin’ different haircut, even when I say “Number 3 fade on the side and only a messy medium trim on the top.” Last time, I looked like I was buzzed like I was heading to Iraq, but the time before that, my wife didn’t even know I got a haircut. So…

IdeaSpark*: places like this should have a polaroid camera on hand. So when I get the perfect haircut, I take a picture of my head and leave it there, to be filed, under my name, to be accessed and shown to my new barber during my next visit.

Bright Idea: I like the fact that my previous barber (at a different place) would use a vacuum to suck all the loose hair off of my head and shoulders before I left. No more itchiness. It also felt kinda nice.



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