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134. Bright Idea: The Rakku Shoe Storage Wheel January 18, 2007

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Product.

I am quite tempted to purchase this once it is no longer sold out. Maybe even two (one for me, one for my wife).

Oops..I don’t think I will be buying them just yet (I just measured all my closets). At 28 inches deep, this Rakku wheel won’t fit in any of them. Though a case of them could fit in my large walk-in closet/storage room (formerly known as the second bedroom).

Still, it’s pretty genius. With expandable pockets, it should hold any size shoe. Cost is $65 (buy it HERE).



1. tszujmeister - December 17, 2008

Hi , Just wanted to say a big thank you to you. I first came across this fabulous shoe storage product on your blog and, as they say in the classics… was so impressed I bought the company! Well not really but am now selling and distributing it in the UK through tszuji. Thanks again. Shoe Wheel by Rakku now available! By the way if you loved the girls from Sex and the City have a look at what Sam and Carrie think of us!!

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