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140. Bright Idea: Aquaclimb January 23, 2007

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Plaything, Product.

I think this is GENIUS! The Aquaclimb can be 2 – 4 panels high, and starts at US $10,000. It can be permanently or temporarily installed, and the panels are interchangeable for varying configurations. Check out their website HERE (via Springwise.com).

Read on for more thoughts and considerations…


  • There should be a goal at the top, for additional climbing motivation. Either something to grab or hit, or a rope to swing off of, or a short zipline to the center of the pool (hmm…doesn’t look so safe):
  • The “rocks” are made of fiberglass, so it could start hurting feet. I wonder if hard foam would be better. If not, wimps like me can just wear Aquasocks.
  • Naturally, for safety reasons, the company recommends roping off an area below so no one falls on someone else.
  • This idea makes me want something with a trampoline and a basket over the water, so I can do something like this.



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