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172. IdeaSpark*: Roulette Speed Camera Traps February 14, 2007

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in IdeaSpark*, Service.

These speed cameras are triggered to snap a photo if you cruise by it too fast. However, they can be expensive to install, and motorists soon become familiar with their specific locations, so they can just slow down at that point only.

IdeaSpark*: Imagine these boxes being placed almost everywhere there is some speeding. But, 95% of these boxes are decoys (i.e. empty and non-functioning, hence cheap), while only a few of them are real.

Every week, in the darkened cover of night, a crew comes by and exchanges random decoys with real cameras. That way, drivers won’t know which of the many ubiquitous boxes is real, so they will be inclined to drive slowly everywhere.



1. Carol - February 14, 2007

partial reinforcement effect!! cool

2. Katie Konrath - July 13, 2007

I think that would work very well. It would keep people guessing, which is the most important thing.

On a road close to my house, there’s a curve that the police wait behind very infrequently. But people ALWAYS go slow around it because they never know.

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