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183. IdeaSpark*: Centralized Medical Info February 25, 2007

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in IdeaSpark*, Service, Website.

Here is the latest idea from Idea-a-Day: Offer free and discreet medical information tattoos which exhibit a person’s blood group, allergies, willingness to donate organs, etc. by Alex Wilson Smith.

My IdeaSpark* takes this idea a little further: during a routine doctor’s visit, you can register all your personal and medical information on a certain website, as well as your thumb prints. Emergency contact info and your Living Will can also be determined and noted.

So, if you ever arrive at any ER unconscious and with no ID, one of your thumbs can be quickly scanned to instantly access all the needed information.



1. alex Wilson-Smith - February 7, 2008

Hi, i just saw your addition to this idea. Sounds good! I think both work. The tattoos would be good for those who wan to advertise their willingness to donate, the thumbprint for those who want to keep it more discreet.


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