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192. IdeaSpark*: Appetizing Aroma Candles March 4, 2007

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Experience, Food and Drink, IdeaSpark*, Product, Service.

I really love the smell of delicious food: sizzling garlic, roasting meat, baking treats, cooking spices.  I love these smells more than those of lavender and summer rain.

IdeaSpark*: Produce candles that smell like certain savory dishes.

Imagine: At your dinner party, you are about to serve your meal of garlic bread and spaghetti (some of which you may have prepared and cooked earlier that evening). Before serving your guests, you light up your Garlic Lovers candle and the Basil/Oregano Italian candle.  Your guests will be appetized and your dishes will be enhanced.

Dessert candles, of course, would be just as welcome (chocolate, vanilla, baked cookies, apple pie, etc), along with the Java candle to accompany the after-dinner coffee.

And to push this idea to its limits: sommeliers would develop certain candles that would accentuate the Merlot or Pinot Grigio your guests sip on before dinner.

If these products already exist on the market, here is a business IdeaSpark*: sell each tiny candle type with an accompanying and matching recipe, so people can mix, match, and arrange an aromatic multiple-course dining experience.



1. Anonymous - March 4, 2007

awesome. and perfect for sub-par cooks…the claim has been repeatedly made that scent accounts for something like 80% of the experience of the meal (hence when you have a stuffed nose you barely sense/taste/enjoy your Wawa hoagie).

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