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195. Quickie Web: Service: 1Time Timer March 5, 2007

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Product, Quickie Web, Service.

From Time Magazine (2/26/07): “3 – the number of half-hour naps a person should take at work each week in order to lower the risk of heart-related death, according to a new study.” Who cares if the study was probably correlational and not causal: now I can nap at work guilt-free! Who needs exercise?

I use this handy countdown timer. If I need a 30-minute nap at work, I close my door, set the timer, double-check the volume, take off my shoes, and kick back. Ahhh…off to NapLand.

You can use any MP3 as an alarm. I use a quietly crescendoing (i.e. non-jarring) ditty to gently coax me out of my slumber.

Download the free “1Time Timer” HERE.



1. J - March 6, 2007

Saw the article had an idea similar to this good to see it is actually already out there. Kudos

2. SparkBugg - March 6, 2007

J: Yeah, I had a similar idea as well, but did some searching before considering posting it as my IdeaSpark*. Actually took a while to find a timer I really liked (countdown, easily set, with mp3s). Thanks for the comment.

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