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198. HumBugg: Sleepy Driving March 6, 2007

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in HumBugg, Product.

Falling asleep at the wheel causes so many road accidents. That is why I carry Vivarin in my glove compartment, and thought my IdeaSpark* (#66: The Random Shocker) could save some lives.

Look at (and read about, for some) this gadget being sold in Japan:

Sleepingly tilt your head 10 degrees, and get buzzed. Problem (1): As others have mentioned, tilt your head for any reason (e.g. look at the radio, admire your pants) and you get buzzed. Problem (2): When I get drowsy when driving, my eyes begin to close, with my head still staying upright. I say that this device could give folks a false sense of security.

I have a much better IdeaSpark*: an electronic device that you clip to your eyelids, and when your eyelids stay closed for longer than a blink, you get poked in the cornea by an acid-tipped shard. That is sure to keep you awake!

Manufacturer’s website HERE (in Japanese); via OhGizmo!.



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