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207. Bright Idea: Concealed Towel Shelf March 9, 2007

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Product.

This is quite nifty.  Yes, I said nifty.  Why use a shelf and leave exposed shelf space to gather dust?  This simple and brilliant idea adds instant visual appeal and a definite wow factor to your bathroom.  Yes, I said wow factor.  $19.

I think I would prefer my towels to jut out from the wall a lot less.  If I had the tools, I would visit Home Depot and make that version.  Either way, the product reminds me of the “Invisible Book Shelf.” (via Core77.com).



1. Anonymous - March 15, 2007

what’s the point?

2. SparkBugg - March 15, 2007

An answer: Visual appeal. Almost like sculpture.

Also: It would probably serve as a conversation piece. Case in point: it moved you to comment (which I appreciate).


3. 63. UniqueDaily.com « MetaBugg.com - June 20, 2007

[…] cool website UniqueDaily.com featured one of my posts (#207: the Concealed Towel Shelf), and it resulted in a massive influx of new visitors (660-680). Thanks so much! I have no idea how […]

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