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209. Not So Bright Idea: Fatfingers.com March 9, 2007

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Service, Website.

Striving for obsolescence: here is a website service that will become less appealing to visitors the more popular it becomes. Fatfingers.com directs you to items up for sale on eBay that are spelled wrong.  The idea is that because of a mispelling, less people will find, and thus bid, on that particular item, so you can get it really cheap.   Nice Idea.

However, the more people use Fatfingers, the worse the deals become as more people, via Fathfingers, find and bid on the same items.  Bonk.  I guess the # of visitors to Fatfingers will grow until soon reaching some sort of equilibrium, then stay there. That is, until eBay comes up with a simple spell checking and product name recognition program.

via CoolHunting.com.



1. Todd Macks - July 21, 2008

i find dealsnake.com much better anyways..

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