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215. Bright Idea: Bracelet Phone March 13, 2007

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in IdeaSpark*, Product.

Though this Bracelet Phone is just a concept, I like the creative idea of integrating accessories. Examples also include: a cellphone watch, and a USB Drive necklace or bracelet.

Granted, if they did ever produce the pictured Bracelet Phone, the only person that would own one would probably be Paris Hilton. Via SciFiTech.com.

IdeaSpark*: a Cellphone Necklace: two small and inconspicuous amulets would hang from a necklace, under your shirt. One, attached to a separate wire, would be put in your ear during a phone call; the other would act as the main base and microphone. There would only be a few buttons, with input (e.g. numbers) primarily being via voice recognition. No more clunky pockets.



1. Katie Konrath - July 13, 2007

I think this is an interesting direction for new ideas regarding cell phones. All the cell phones on the market look very similar, and they’re generally all moving in the same direction (towards becoming mobile computers). What about making a simple, elegant cell phone that people can carry on their body?

I’d like a phone as a bracelet, or some other accessory that doesn’t clutter up my pocket or purse.

Very fun idea.

2. getFreshMinds.com - Ideas so fresh--they should be slapped! - July 13, 2007

What if cell phones headed in a different direction?

Everyone’s excited about the iPhone and the other manufacturers who are racing to create the next generation of phones that will be better, faster, with more capabilities. Every year, phones are becoming more like miniature do-it-all machines. Phones …

3. SparkBugg - July 16, 2007

Katie, thanks for the comment, and the link from your blog, http://www.getfreshminds.com. BTW, I do think the general idea is promising…I just thought this particular iteration was too bling-blingy.


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