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222. Quickie Web: Game: PLANned March 14, 2007

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Game, Quickie Web.


PLANned is a simple, thoughtful, and original puzzle game that I highly recommend. It requires, as the name suggests, planning and foresight.

The rules are simple and the goal is to sequentially expand each square to form a connected network. Sounds a little dull, perhaps, but it is a fun way to exercise your brain. Give it a try HERE (via JayIsGames.com).



1. PLANned - Cool Online Game - March 16, 2007

[…] [Via SparkBugg] […]

2. Stan - April 6, 2013

There’s also an inclusion of Pokemon such as the legendary bird, Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno, which could not be attained without trading in Diamond and Pearl. Feel free to reprint this article in its original format. But the set pieces in the Pokemon trailer do fare better than using a park of a backyard.

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