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245. Quickie Web: Game: Boomshine March 23, 2007

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Game, Quickie Web.

Not only does this game have a cool name, but it has pretty music (really, it’s pretty) and is actually quite enjoyable to play.

The goal is to cause a chain reaction of dots expanding. Take a few moments to give it a shot and to try to make sense of what I am trying to say here (since there are no instructions), and you will see that it is very much worth playing. Try it out HERE, via GameLife.



1. gameboy - March 23, 2007

Fun. Addictive.
Level 12 is difficult.
I do not like the music after a while. Reminds me of a candle store at the mall.

2. Hugo Estrada - March 26, 2007

I agree. Level 12 is tough. And this is addictive. I had to do a countdown to stop playing.

3. SparkBugg - March 27, 2007

Yeah, it is surprisingly addictive for a game that requires only one mouse click a level. Thanks for your comments.

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