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265. IdeaSpark*: Nomadic Storage March 30, 2007

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in IdeaSpark*, Product.

I like to store all my crap in these clear plastic storage containers. I use all sorts of sizes, I label most of them (my wife’s favorite container is the one I label “Important Junk”), and I stack them in my closets. I buy these at The Container Store.

My wife and I are moving next week, so we are busy packing. It turns out that there are standards sizes for cardboard moving boxes (we got some from two different places, and they are the same sizes). I put all of my clear storage containers in the boxes, but they don’t always fit nicely and neatly.

My IdeaSpark* is to make very similar plastic storage containers, but in sizes that will fit nicely into your standard moving boxes. For example, make a small plastic container, where four of them will fit perfectly in and completely fill the typical medium cardboard box (18″ x 18″ x 16″). This organizational system will be very convenient for the nomadic types (like college students and military families).  Just pack and go.  I wish I had had something like that…packing and moving is a bitch.



1. Hugo Estrada - March 30, 2007

I like it! Not only that, but there can also be travel containers as well. The material should be a lot lighter because of the weight issue, but it would help to organize luggage, which normally ends up being a huge mess.

2. SparkBugg - April 5, 2007

Hugo, great idea of making it for traveling and luggage. And you would be surprised at how light the plastic is. Thanks for your comment.

3. Vinny - The Moving Man - December 15, 2007

These boxes are starting to become the norm when moving. They are easy to stack and you dont need to really mark them as you can see what is inside them.

I have labels marked “bathroom” “bedroom” etc and it really makes the move go faster

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