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272. Bright Idea: No Poke Pins April 4, 2007

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Product.


I predict that the winner of the 2007 Staples Invention Quest will be these No Poke Pins. Ideated by toy inventor Mark T., these brilliantly simple devices can hold up photos, paper, even books, on a thumbtack board without damaging them. Check out his video of this Bright Idea HERE.

You can vote for him or the other 4 finalists HERE. The other products are mediocre and not nearly as exciting as the No Poke Pins (which should be a best-seller). Another genius idea was a past winner of this Invention Quest: the Letter Combination Lock.



1. artgrl - April 4, 2007

Totally agree- I would use these in a heartbeat! I hate destroying my pix on the bulletin board and these No Pokes would be great to have!
The other items aren’t even in the same realm…..

2. SparkBugg - April 5, 2007

Artgrl: I agree. The See-Through File Drawer thing may be worth producing, but I don’t think I would need it, though some folks would. The other products and videos seemed like SNL skits (not to be harsh, but really). Thanks for the comment. – SparkBugg

3. Anonymous - April 6, 2007

Staples already sells something close to the No Poke Pin, the difference is a clip at the end

4. Butch - April 20, 2007

I like that no poke pin also. I also have a need for the 2-View Computer Chair, her presentation was lacking and she could have done a lot better on the prototype but I do like the idea!

5. Mark T - April 27, 2007
6. SparkBugg - April 30, 2007

Mark T. Congrats! You winning (to me) was a foregone conclusion. Now I hope that your victory translates to riches and more capital for your future inventions.

I am also honored that you visited my website. Best wishes, fellow ideator!


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