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285. Quickie Web: Perspective Illusions April 19, 2007

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Art, Optical Illusion, Quickie Web.

You can only see these images perfectly aligned from one specific vantage point. Via Moillusions.com.

(1) The Cardiff Bay Barrage illusion: the yellow circles are actually painted on all the objects. Click HERE to see how it was made.


(2) Perth Impossible Triangle illusion: look closely, and you will see that this is the classic impossible object (i.e. it cannot really be constructed as it appears). Click HERE to see how it was made.


(3) Painted room illusion. Click HERE to see more similarly painted rooms.



1. SRugg - April 19, 2007

Just a note your probably do not have anyone working with you that has hearing aids but you and your collegues may want to take this into consideration when doing background music on you vidieos.

All we hear is the background music and not the content, if your going to use it and I am sure this is excellent for people that can hear well knock down the volume on it another notch or two if you would. Especially if your marketing to people Oprah’s age.

2. SparkBugg - April 19, 2007

Mr. Rugg. Thanks for your comments, which I will keep in consideration.

However, If you are referring to the Secret video, I have gotten another complaint that the music is too soft.

One possibility of what may be happening is that since two audio levels (talk and music) are outputed on separate channels, there _may_ be something wrong with your computer. For example, one channel blew on my earphone output, so whenever I watch videos on the web with the earphones, I only here the background music, and not the audio.

But, if my video is the only one you are having difficulties with, then I apologize and will try to adjust the levels accordingly on further videos. Thanks for your comment.



3. 506. Bright Idea: this perspective on getting engaged « SparkBugg.com - September 10, 2007

[…] clip is reminiscent of my previous post on perspective illusions (HERE). […]

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