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299. Bright Idea: Interactive Advertising April 26, 2007

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Experience, Marketing.

Imagine being in this Canadian bus stop, and talking into this billboard to a complete stranger, who turns out to be at another similar bus stop in an entirely different city. I think that would be wild. What a brilliant marketing idea for Solo phones.

What would even be wilder is if you began to have phone-sex with this stranger, and then eventually fell in love and got married. Via Core77.com.



1. Colin - April 26, 2007

Well yes but just the connection would be good however some kind of filtering would also be good because to really connect you must be vibrating on a similar level. Would LOA direct ” the soulmate” to be on the line at that minute .. and what if it was a bag man or lady a drunk how would you react ? And what would be your intention by using the phone in the first place?


2. SparkBugg - May 2, 2007

Colin: thanks for your Secret-based comment. My intention would be to connect with a stranger. I wouldn’t mind a bag wo/man, but they may if I was interrupting their nap. In fact, I am usually very curious about the homeless and their stories, so that would be cool if they spoke with me.


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