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321. Bright Idea: Decoy Cigarettes May 22, 2007

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Marketing, Product.

Imagine seeing an unused cigarette on the ground. Let’s say you are a heavy smoker who has run out, or you are a casual, non-pack-buying smoker who just had a few drinks and hates bumming a smoke off of strangers. So you pick up the cigarette, only to realize that it is really a rolled up pamphlet telling you that you have a problem and need help. Bonk! You’ve just been mini-punk’d, you nasty joneser. And to add injury to insult, you still aren’t able to enjoy a smoke. Via InventorSpot.com.



1. Luke - May 22, 2007

As a kid, my neighbor used to leave such rolled up “quit smoking” reminders for her dad along with his regular stoges. He was not amused.

2. ~~~hechter - May 23, 2007

The picker-upper is gonna be SO pissed! Plus, I suspect the campaign may contribute to an increase in litter from them ripping the fake cig to absolute shreds during their nicotine rage.

I do support the cause marketing & the realness of the fake!

3. SparkBugg - June 6, 2007

Luke: sounds like you had a creative and brave neighbor. good for her.

Hechter: funny comment, and you do have a good point about the littering.


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