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365. Bright Idea: BongoPong July 10, 2007

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Game, Product.

Bongo Board + Pong = Bongo Pong. Get off the couch and use dexterity and balance to control your paddle on the classic video game, Pong.

This Bright Idea is not in production, but maybe could/should be, if it is not super difficult. This is a very sparked hack, with my respect going to the creator (his website HERE). Via Make.



1. imagitronics (Tim) - July 12, 2007

I am the creator of BongoPong. I noticed your link from my WordPress trackback and was surprised to find that it wasn’t simply a regurgitation of the engadget, hackedgadgets, or makezine article.

I appreciate your compliments and urge you all to check back soon. I am currently rebuilding the system to make it easier to use and hopefully even more fun (although it is surprisingly fun already, even if I may be slightly biased). I also plan to interface the board with more advanced games in the near future.

Thanks again,

2. SparkBugg - July 16, 2007

Tim, thanks for visiting SparkBugg and commenting. It is like having a celebrity cameo.

It does seem fun, but the video had the game itself going way too fast (problem with the game, not your design).

Looking forward to seeing your improvements.


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