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391. Bright Idea: the Roadbag July 23, 2007

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Product.

I used to use a regular hospital issue urinal on my 8-hr car ride from college to home during breaks. It wasn’t so easy to use, especially as I worried about accidental spillage. But with the new Roadbag, a bladder-full (male) commuter pees with ease. The bag contains a powder (Polymerk) which turns urine into a gel, and is meant to be thrown away after being used. Though this Bright Idea is not green, and probably not cheap, I still thought it was creative. Via RGS.



1. mark - July 23, 2007

definitely interesting; although I would let my man parts NO WHERE near a powder that transforms anything into gel. i don’t care how bad i have to go.

2. cleop - July 23, 2007

hmmmmm. that’s pretty interesting. i have to say that’s really funny you peed in a urinal instead of just stopping along the way. personally i’d rather stop, use a real toilet, and as a bonus, pick up some french fries too.

3. SparkBugg - July 23, 2007

Mark: Ha! Good point.

Cleop: If there was a fast food joint around, I may use that. But some of these long strips of highways had nary a loo in sight, with narrow shoulders not conducive to pulling over. And I wanted to save 2 minutes (yes, for my 8-hr commute).


4. ross - July 23, 2007

Is that the same stuff that’s in diapers?

In high school chemistry class our teacher gave us a buch of that powder and we had to figure out what it was used for.

5. SparkBugg - July 24, 2007

Ross: I didn’t know that diapers turned urine into gel. And maybe that teacher of yours is now the inventor of the Roadbag!

Thanks for the comment.


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