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425. IdeaSpark*: Glove Compartment Carousel August 6, 2007

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in IdeaSpark*, Product, Transportation.

My IdeaSpark*, which was inspired by GetFreshMinds.com’s “improve a car” competition (mentioned above), is a Supply Carousel that is integrated into the glove compartment. Read on for the verbatim entry to the competition…

“CAROUSEL” was the first word I was given, and it was tonight.

PROBLEM: Incidentally, earlier today I was cleaning out my car, including the glove compartment, and was annoyed with having to root around for my junk, with things getting lost towards the back of the compartment.

SOLUTION (i.e. a FRESH WAY TO IMPROVE CARS): Have the left half of the glove compartment be a compartment carousel: 6-inch high vertical pie-shaped sections, containing elastic bands and pockets to hold all of your necessities, all on a lazy-susan.

BENEFITS: So at arm’s length, access your pen, paper, and registration. SPIN the carousel to access other sections, containing such things as: sunglasses, clean wipes, gum, a flashlight, lotion, lighter, chapstick, tissue, napkins, vivarin, pocket-maps, stamps, a change-dispenser, a mini-trashcan, an ashtray, powerbars, tiregauge, mini-duct tape roll, swiss-army knife, first aid kit, pills, mini-revolver, and of course, your gloves.

BONUS IDEA: Have a larger, but flatter carousel in the unused space under the front seats, for larger items like an umbrella, armorall wipes, window scraper, flares, emergency supplies, etc.

THANKS: to Katie and GetFreshMinds.com for inspiring.



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