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474. Bright Idea: the Mix Tape USB Drive August 29, 2007

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Audio, Product.

Relive the days when you gave your loved-ones a mix tape of your favorite tunes, but with a digital-age spin. This USB drive is nicely packaged in what appears to be an old-school cassette tape. With a USB, more songs are possible, and it is reusable. Thanks for the link, Mark! Check it out HERE (not yet in production).



1. ~~~hechter - August 29, 2007

Brilliant! A guy I know who lives in Seattle sent me some songs (only to sample, of course), & he mailed me a thumb drive in a mere paper-thin envelope. Guess what, Mr. Postman? The envelope arrived w/o the contents. I ain’t talking the files were missing; more like no thumb drive.

2. thebirdman82 - August 29, 2007

What is this “cassette tape” you speak of? I’m to young to appreciate this post.

3. SparkBugg - August 30, 2007

Hechter: funny comment “guess what, mr. postman?” I COL (chuckled out loud, as opposed to chuckling inaudibly).

Birdman: I laughed a little, thinking you were joking. Than I wondered if 82 is the year you were born, and maybe thought you were being serious. So if you are serious, let me try to answer your question: a cassette tape is like an 8-track, but a little better.

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