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481. Bright Idea?: the S3 Pooper Scooper August 31, 2007

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Product, Video.

Pick up your dog’s crap with two-halves of a hollow bat. I am trying to decide if this idea is really a Bright one. Though cumbersome, it is creative. I never would buy one, but I appreciate the inspiration. Check it out HERE ($20); Via CoolestGadgets.

PS. I took Barkley for a long walk this morning and realized that the S3 is going to have problems picking up softer stool, especially in long grass.  You can’t just flip that sh*t.



1. Sandy - September 3, 2007

This S3 does work better than anything else on the market, and with 4 dogs I have tried them all ! The built-in scoops do work great, and even in deep grass and all stool types (excpet diarrhea-but then nothing works !) Plus as a women I appreciate the portability and convenience of the S3, and if I do not have a plastic bag the S3 still works great ( I just rinse it out). Try it-you’ll Love it !

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