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528. Bright Idea: Mikoto Knife Blocks September 19, 2007

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Kitchen, Product.

This knife block allows you to put all different sized knives in anywhere you please. Made of bamboo, designed in France, made in Vietnam, with a Japanese sounding name. I just wish it were angled (like most knife blocks), to make it more convenient to access the knives when the block is stored on the kitchen counter, underneath the cabinets (which would get in the way otherwise). Buy it HERE; via BLTD.



1. thebirdman82 - September 19, 2007

Looks like those blocks people use for archery.

2. Daniel Kim - September 21, 2007

This appears to be a box filled with little bamboo skewers. It is a clever idea, and ought to work pretty well. I might see if I can make one up for myself. I imagine I could get away with filling a coffee can with a gazillion skewers, or maybe I can get away with using disposable chopsticks, instead.

3. SparkBugg - October 10, 2007

Dan. It appears so. Let us know how your version goes (I think chopsticks may be too big). Perhaps one could also make a horizontal version to attach underneath one’s kitchen cabinets.


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